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Buying your MI ebook is the best money I've ever spent, period. I regret that I can't drop my normal classes to study your writing. Also, I simply can't keep up with your chapters as they come out; each one represents weeks or months of writing little test programs. Great material. Thanks.
Brian S. Lewis

You are a veritable gold mine of information. Even if I learned nothing else from the iBook series, you just made my purchase worthwhile.
Douglas Handy

I just wanted to drop a note to say that I've really been enjoying your MI eBook. Best money I've spent on direct career related education in my 14 years! Thanks again! and keep those chapters coming!
Rohn Blake

I wanted to let you know that you're eBook is outstanding! I've learned so much already. I can't wait for future chapters. I probably skew you're web page stats by my repeated hits on your site looking for updates, sorry about that :<) - it's hard to resist. It has been well worth the money. Thanks for sharing the information!
Matt Bresnan

I know Leif's doing alot of work to make this a really nice additional to anyones library.
For those that haven't, checkout
Don in DC

All of the chapters contain fantastic amounts of real, usable information.
Phil Hall

I'm just amazed at the level of detail. It's an eBook that I will certainly be recommending to anyone who wishes to learn more about MI and the inner-workings of the AS/400.
Chris Roberts

Hackers have become more active and renowned. They often publish their methods and their results. This can lead to imitation by normally law-abiding programmers.
IBM (Security manual V5R1)

I'm really enjoying your e-book. [...]I left it for a while and came back to it after I'd seen how to use the debugger in the astonishing chapter 7. (I can't remember the last time I kept producing gasps of amazement and delight from reading a programming manual :-) .) [...]That's one reason I like the format of the book so much - although you provide the code you make your reader work through it to pull the snippets together into a working example, and then develop the example by building on that code.
David X. Kahn

Everyday, I use the informations that I have learned in your book. Thank you again for your work (sincerely)
Jean-François Cros

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