AS/400 MI-Programs
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The programs on this page are developed in my eBook: "AS/400 Machine-Level Programming". Most may be freely downloaded.

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ALLPGMS.exe All Programs in One Download (always up-to-date!)  2001/08/16
AS400.ZIP Miscl. AS/400 information  2018/04/26
MICHGDBG.txt Change Module Debug Information, Ch.38  2001/07/28
MISRCOIR.txt Show OIR Source Information, Ch.38  2001/07/28
MILICOBJ.txt Example of Using QLICOBJD, Ch.38  2001/07/28
MIWRKOIR.txt Work with OIR, Ch.31  2001/04/22
MISHWOIR.txt Show/Change OIR, Ch.31  2001/04/22
MIAES.txt AES Code in MI, Ch.30  2001/04/18
MIFAES.txt Encrypt/Decrypt a File with AES, Ch.30  2001/04/18
AES.txt AES Code in C, Ch.30  2001/04/18
AESTEST.txt Test of AES Code in C, Ch.30  2001/04/18
MIFIBNBR.txt Fibonacci Numbers, Ch.28  2001/02/15
MITWRHAN.txt Towers of Hanoi, Ch.28  2001/02/11
MIADSUMR.txt Choose with Replacement, Ch.28  2001/02/11 DOS-program to Display a Savefile, Ch.27  2001/01/23
MIOBJSAV.txt Find an Object in a Save File, Ch.27  2001/07/21
MIWLKSAV.txt Walk a Save File, Ch.27  2001/07/21
MICHGMOD.txt Change a Module in a Save File, Ch.27  2001/07/21
CHGMINF.txt Command Source for MICHGMOD, Ch.27  2001/07/21
MIEXPLR.txt AS/400 Memory Explorer, Ch.26  2001/06/02
MIACCESS.txt Memory Accessor, Ch.26  2001/06/02
MIEXPLR.exe Ready-made AS/400 Explorer, Ch.26  2001/06/12
MIKWDIDX.txt Build Index of Keywords, Ch.25  2001/04/05
MIFILIDX.txt Iterate over All Members of a File, Ch.25  2001/04/10
MISHWIDX.txt Interactive Search for Words in an Index, Ch.25  2001/04/10
MIEDTNBR.txt Editing a Number, Ch.24  2001/02/12
DTIMEOUT.txt DDS for Invited Device Display File, Ch.23  2001/01/04
MIAUTREF.txt Automatic Refresh Driver, Ch.23  2001/01/04
MIINVDSP.txt Time-out from Invited Device, Ch.23  2001/01/04
MIETPSCR.txt Entropy Pool Monitor Screen Description, Ch.22  2001/01/28
MIETPMON.txt Entropy Pool Monitor Testprogram, Ch.22  2001/01/28
MIGETETP.txt Get Entropy Pool Digest, Ch.22  2001/01/28
MIODPWLK.txt Walking the ODP Chain, Ch.21  2000/12/18
MISIGEXC.txt Signaling Exceptions, Ch.20  2000/12/06
MIDECEXC.txt Handling Decimal Data Exceptions, Ch.20  2000/12/05
MIPIS38.txt Calculate PI from Old S/38 Manual, Ch.19  2000/11/08
MIPIFLT.txt Calculate PI using Floating-point, Ch.19  2000/11/08
MIPIPKD.txt Calculate PI with Packed Decimals, Ch.19  2000/11/08
MITSTSCX.txt Test of Screen Handler w/Cursor Position, Ch.17  2000/11/04
MITSTSCR.txt Test of Simple Screen Handler, Ch.17  2000/11/04
MISCRNIO.txt Simple Screen Handler, Ch.17  2001/01/27
MIHWORLD.txt "Hello World", Revisited, Ch.16  2000/10/18
MIPGMVV.exe Compute Program Validation Value, Ch.15  2000/10/16
MICLNPGM.txt Clean Patches and History Log, Ch.15  2000/10/10
MICHKPWD.txt Password Checking Utility, Ch.14  2001/08/16
MIENCPWD.txt Encrypt Password Algorithms, Ch.14  2000/10/02
MIRTVEPW.txt Retrieve Encrypted Password, Ch.14  2000/10/02
MIFCOPY.txt Copy a File, Ch.13  2000/09/28
MIFASCII.txt Translate a File to ASCII, Ch.13  2000/09/28
MIFGREP.txt Find Strings in a File, Ch.13  2000/09/28
MIFKWIC.txt KeyWord In Context for a File, Ch.13  2000/09/28
MIFHASH.txt Compute File Digest (Hash), Ch.13  2000/09/28
CLFTRANS.txt Command Processing Program for FTRANS, Ch.13  2000/09/28
FCMPRS.txt Command Source for File Transformation, Ch.13  2000/09/28
FCMPRS.txt Command Source for File Compression, Ch.12  2000/09/22
CLFCMPRS.txt Command Processing Program for FCMPRS, Ch.12  2000/09/22
MIFCMPRS.txt Compress/Decompress A File, Ch.12  2000/09/25
MITSTREG.txt Test Retrieve Registers, Ch.11  2000/09/18
MIRTVREG.txt Retrieve Registers, Ch.11  2000/09/18
COMBSORT.txt RPG/ILE Version of Combsort, Ch.10  2000/10/06
MITSTCMB.txt Test of Combsort, Ch.10  2000/09/11
MICMBSRT.txt Internal Sorting, Combsort, Ch.10  2000/09/11
MIWCBFND.txt Find Job in Work Control Block Table, Ch.9  2001/04/05
MIWCBSCN.txt Scan Work Control Block Table, Ch.9  2000/09/08
CHGMBRCL.txt Command Processing CL-Program, Ch.8  2000/09/06
CHGMBR.txt Command for Get/Set Member Info, Ch.8  2000/09/06
MIMBRINF.txt Get/Set Member Info, Ch.8  2000/09/06
MITSTPT1.txt Test Accessing Arbitrary Data, Ch.7  2000/09/02
MISTPTR1.txt Set Space Pointer From Pointer (test), Ch.6  2000/08/28
MICPGM2.txt Called Program Example (Callee), Ch.5  2000/08/23
MICPGM1.txt Calling Program Example (Caller), Ch.5  2000/08/23
MIRTVDT.txt Get and Show Current Date/Time, Ch.4  2000/08/08
MIINVSTK.txt Materialize Invocation Stack, Ch.3  2000/08/05
MIMCHAT1.txt Materialize Machine Attributes V1, Ch.3  2000/07/27
MIMCHATR.txt Materialize Machine Attributes V0, Ch.2  2000/07/27
MIHELLO.txt Hello World, Ch.1  2000/07/24
SHOWMSG.txt Include file to show message  2000/08/24
CRTMICMP.txt RPG-program to generate MI-compiler  2000/08/15

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