1. Find list of dataseries, and 2. Pick series to use
Enter a dataseries match pattern to search for seriesnames, or leave blank to select from all series. (A very bad idea now that we have more than 23,000 seriesnames.) A leading "NOT " means exclude names matching the subsequent pattern. The default filter excludes namespace "dsds."

TBD Series match this selection filter.

Select data series here.

Information about selected series

Current Series is:

3. Select Records and Get Record Count

Enter RecordSet Specification here for keyword listings and for export. Request may take a while if the recordset is large (more than a few thousand records).

Record Count:  

Check to select all links

List of All Keywords and Segments

4. Select Keywords

Select Keywords for Detailed Lists

5. Select Segments

Select Segments for Detailed Lists

6. Get Keyword and Segment Values Here

RecordSet Query:    Keywords to Fetch:    Segments to Fetch:   
Check to Get Record Query (for online status use the *online* virtual keyword).         Check to Allow Huge Record Queries.

7. Request Export of Desired Data and Get Status of Prior Requests

This section can be used to request an export of the RecordSet identified in Section 3 above.

If you wish a subset of possible segment files, specify the desired list in Section 5 above or using the "{}" notation after the then required closing "]" in the record query in section 3 above. Do not do both.
You may preview the selection in Section 6 before requesting the export. If the data is not online the request may take minutes to hours.
If you enter an email address you will be notified when the data is ready.

After the request is submitted, you will recieve ON THIS PAGE a "Request_ID" that will be used to access the data when it is ready. If you do not provide an email address you must save the Request_ID in order to access the data.

RecordSet           Record set selected in Step 3 above.
Processing Set based on Protocol to no_op for as-is or fullres for FITS.
Protocol Choose protocol, "FITS" or "as-is".
Method Choose method, url_quick or url for now.
Requestor Provide an identifier for you, e.g. your SolarMail name. May be omitted for online delivery.
Notify Provide your email address for notification. You may enter "Solarmail" if your address is up to date or "none" or "no" if you do not want/need to be notified upon export process completion. May be omitted for online delivery.
Confirm Email Please confirm e-mail address.
Please only click once for export request.
RequestID   This is the ID tag for your export request.
Data Location          

8. Check Status of Prior Export Request

RequestID This is the ID tag for your export request.
Please only click once for status request.
Clear old status RequestID
Data Location