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I'm writing an eBook: "AS/400 Machine-Level Programming". This is very much a work in progress. I plan to write about one chapter a month, to be published here as soon as they are ready. Each chapter is a self-extracting file containing a Word-97 document. To extract the document you must supply a password. You get a password (returned by e-mail) by mailing me (to the address at the bottom of the page) a check in the amount of USD 90.00 or a Euro cheque in the amount of 75,00 EUR or national equivalent. Alternatively, you can send payment (credit card OK) to "" using Paypal Paypal  
Paypal now accepts international payments.

The password is valid for all chapters. Because of the prepayment, I'll answer emails about the code examples and help with your own code. After mailing the check, email me that you have done that, and I can rush your password to you. Check out the Table of Contents (it's free).

Material covered will be Machine Interface (MI) programming, AS/400-RISC assembler code, OS/400 and SLIC internal data structures, AS/400 security, and other things that you (my readers) might find of interest (so this will be an interactive eBook, a veritable iBook).

Note on the ALLCHAPT.exe file. It is large, so if you don't have a valid password you'll be wasting your time (and my allowable bandwith) by downloading it in vain.

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MLP0TC.exe Table of contents (so far...) MLP0TC.htm (free)  2004/04/11
MLP000.exe Introduction   (peek: MLP000.htm)  2000/09/19
Programs Programs you can download (discussed in the book)  2001/08/16
Bugs and fixes Errors, corrections, and additions  2002/09/05
ALLCHAPT.exe All Chapters in One Download (always up-to-date!), 1.1 Mb  2002/09/05
Chapter 40, Decoding TIFF files (CCITT T6) Men at Work  200?/10/??
Chapter 39, Vistas in Threads Men at Work  200?/09/??
MLP038.exe * Chapter 38, Source and Debug Information  2001/08/17
Chapter 37, How to Undelete Records in a File Men at Work  200?/09/??
Chapter 36, Activation Groups Men at Work  200?/09/??
Chapter 35, Anatomy of a Database File Men at Work  200?/11/??
MLP034.exe Chapter 34, Anatomy of a User Profile  2002/03/05
MLP033.exe * Chapter 33, Analysis of SCV 7 Program Call  2001/05/12
MLP032.exe * Chapter 32, Immune against Check Object Integrity  2001/04/26
MLP031.exe * Chapter 31, The Object Information Repository  2001/04/22
MLP030.exe * Chapter 30, The Advanced Encryption Standard  2001/04/20
MLP029.exe * Chapter 29, Changing Your Machine's Serial Number  2001/05/07
MLP028.exe * Chapter 28, Recursion, Entropy, and the End of the World  2001/02/15
MLP027.exe * Chapter 27, Inside a Save File  2001/07/21
MLP026.exe * Chapter 26, The AS/400 Memory Explorer  2001/06/12
MLP025.exe * Chapter 25, Machine Indexes  2001/04/10
MLP024.exe * Chapter 24, Editing of Numeric Values  2001/02/12
MLP023.exe * Chapter 23, Automatic Refresh of Display  2001/01/18
MLP022.exe * Chapter 22, How to Generate a Truly Random Number  2001/03/12
MLP021.exe * Chapter 21, Walking the ODP Chain  2000/12/18
MLP020.exe * Chapter 20, Exception Handling  2001/01/09
MLP019.exe * Chapter 19, Calculating Archimedes' Constant  2000/11/10
MLP018.exe * Chapter 18, (SCV) Supervisor Call Vectored  2000/11/17
MLP017.exe * Chapter 17, A Simple Screen I/O Interface  2001/01/27
MLP016.exe * Chapter 16, User-Defined 5250 Datastream I/O  2000/10/27
MLP015.exe * Chapter 15, Program Validation Value  2001/04/04
MLP014.exe * Chapter 14, Password Encryption on the AS/400  2001/08/16
MLP013.exe * Chapter 13, File Conversion and Hashing  2001/03/15
MLP012.exe * Chapter 12, Input/Output in MI Using the SEPT  2000/12/07
MLP011.exe * Chapter 11, The Machine State Register  2000/09/18
MLP010.exe * Chapter 10, Internal Sorting, Combsort  2000/10/06
MLP009.exe * Chapter 9, The Work Control Block Table  2001/04/05
MLP008.exe * Chapter 8, Getting/Setting File Member Information  2000/09/06
MLP007.exe * Chapter 7, Accessing Arbitrary Data in Memory  2000/09/06
MLP006.exe * Chapter 6, RISC Code for Setting a Pointer  2000/08/28
MLP005.exe * Chapter 5, Calling Other Programs  2000/08/24
MLP004.exe * Chapter 4, Arithmetic and Timestamps  2001/02/13
MLP003.exe * Chapter 3, Pointers, Pointers, and Pointers  2002/02/26
MLP002.exe * Chapter 2, Data Types and Your First Real MI-Program  2002/09/05
MLP001.exe * Chapter 1, Getting Your Own MI-Compiler  2000/07/27
MLP00T.exe * Title page  2001/04/26
MIComp.exe MI-Compiler front-end V4R2 Savefile  2000/07/27
MLP0A1.exe * Appendix 1, MI-Instructions: Quick Reference  2001/05/10
MLP0A2.exe * Appendix 2, Object Type/Subtypes  2002/05/25
MLP0A3.exe * Appendix 3, PowerPC Instruction Set, Quick Reference  2000/11/01
MLP0A4.exe * Appendix 4, SEPT Entries in the User Domain  2000/10/16
MLP0A5.exe * Appendix 5, SCV 10 Function Numbers  2000/11/15
MLP0A6.exe * Appendix 6, Open and I/O Feedback Areas  2000/12/18

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