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Reports from various astro-expeditions (newest at the top):

A total solar eclipse from Australia (Danish)
The annular solar eclipse of 2010 - from Southern India (Danish)
The longest total solar eclipse of the third millenium - witnessed from monsoon drenched China in 2009 (Danish)
The total solar eclipse of 2008 - experienced from Siberia (Danish)
A trip to AstroFest'08 in London! (Danish)
The total solar eclipse of 2006 as seen from Turkey! (Danish)
Here's a report from my astro-imaging expedition to Australia in 2005!

ST10XE images (newest additions at the top):

Panstarrs C2011/L4 and Ced214 in Cepheus
Close-up of the Jellyfish nebula - IC443
Bubble nebula - NGC7635
Supernova in M101
Leonid Meteor Shower
Swan nebula (M17) (LLRGB)
Small Magellanic Cloud (LLRGB)
Omega Centauri (NGC5139) (LLRGB)
Tarantula nebula (NGC2070) (LLRGB)
Cocoon Nebula (LHaRGB)
Lagoon Nebula (LLRGB)
Colorful moon (H-alpha, OIII, H-beta)
Antennae galaxies (NGC4038+4039) (LLRGB)
Eta Carinae (LLRGB)
Veil nebula (H-alpha, SII, OIII, red continuum, green continuum) 'Astronomy Picture of the Day - Dec. 6, 2005'!!
Rosette nebula (NGC2237) (SII, H-alpha, OIII)
Trifid nebula (M20) (LLRGB)
Comet Machholz C/2004 Q2 (Luminance IR reject)
Full moon (OIII)
Total lunar eclipse (H-alpha, OIII, H-beta)
Planetary nebula M27 (Dumbell nebula) (L, H-alpha, OIII)
Dark nebula B72 (Snake nebula) (LLRGB)
Comet Linear C/2002 T7 (Luminance IR reject)
Comet Bradfield C/2004 F4 (Luminance IR reject)
Coronal mass ejection from the largest flare ever recorded (H-alpha)
Horsehead nebula, B33 (H-alpha)
California nebula, NGC1499 (H-alpha)
Helix nebula, NGC7293 (H-alpha, OIII, H-beta)
Triangulum galaxy, M33 (Luminance IR-reject)
A huge (X10-class) solar flare eruption on Oct. 29, 2003, 20:37 UT (H-alpha)

Webcam images (newest at the top):

Tri-color H-alpha image of solar active region AR2080, June 10 - 2014
Hi-resolution animation of M-class Solar flare, June 5 - 2013
Plato and surroundings in enhanced color, January 7 - 2009
Aristarchus and Schröder's valley in enhanced color, January 24 - 2013
Copernicus at full moon, December 27 - 2012
Jupiter, December 27 - 2012
Gruithuisen Domes, May 2 - 2012
Gassendi Crater, May 2 - 2012
Jupiter, Sep. 26 - 2011
M13, Mar. 11 - 2007
Mars, Jan. 25 - 2010
Saturn, Apr. 24 - 2009
Mars, Jan. 27 - 2008
Mars, Jan. 22 - 2008
Mars, Jan. 9 - 2008
Close-up of active region (H-alpha)
Close-up of limb prominence (H-alpha)
Lunar occultation of Saturn (RGB)
Full solar disc mosaic, 170405, CONR mode (H-alpha)
A 40-frame mosaic of the full moon!
My first lunar mosaic
Large sunspot in white light colorized with H-alpha data
Venus transit of the Sun! (H-alpha)
Full solar disc mosaic, 060504, STD mode (H-alpha)
My first solar image with a webcam (H-alpha)

STV images:

Close-up of a medium-sized sunspot; Apr. 11, 2001, 11:15 UT (white light)

Tutorials and reports (newest on top):

Back-to-back comparison between Coronado SM60 and Daystar Quantum SE solar H-alpha filter systems (Part I - 2010, Part II -2011)
Initial findings with my new AT8RC telescope: backfocus, focal length, Airy disc (2011)
Rejection versus acceptance of poor quality deep sky sub-exposures (2011)
Achieving seeing limited deep sky images with a small refractor (2010)
Correction of field rotation due to alt-az telescope mounting (2009)
Correction of line-noise from Lumenera Skynyx 2-2C and 2-2M cameras (2009)
Not really a tutorial, just a bunch of notes and results on using Registax and Lucy-Ricardson deconvolution (2007)
High resolution Web-cam imaging of the sun in H-alpha (2006)
Selective noise reduction (2006)
Subtraction of stellar continuum from narrowband nebula images (2005)
Collimating an SCT and refractor using an artificial star (2004)
Web-cam imaging of the sun in H-alpha (2004)
Comparison of STD and CONR modes for solar imaging (2004) (H-alpha)
H-alpha solar imaging with an astronomical CCD camera (2003)

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